PetMag Portal

Brazil’s largest portal about pets. It is also a guide for businesses in that segment.

Official channel of R7 and Google News

It has a highly qualified niche audience and more than 220,000 visitors per month!

Since the portal is owned by Citrus7, it is extremely malleable in order to receive special media projects and to develop exclusive partnerships.

PetMag is not only a content portal; it is a market place.

In addition to the daily publication of articles, columns, galleries and news, PetMag features thousands of segment companies in its exclusive directory!

With a selected and impressive number of visits, the PetMag portal is a showcase for companies in the market, both in the B2C segment and the B2B. The guide Na PetMag is not just a mere listing of regionalized establishments, but a platform where the small entrepreneur in the sector can communicate with the public and build his or her own custom page.