60 Years of Isabela

In 2014 Isabela completed 60 years and our goal was to create a campaign of awareness and involvement.

How we did it: 60 Years of Isabela

With 60 years of tradition at making pasta, cookies and crackers, Isabela is a real classic at tables in Southern Brazil. The challenge to Citrus7 was to design a media activity that would generate engagement and strengthen the brand’s concept via digital means. The main tool we used in the campaign was branded content. Using simple but original means, we got users involved and brought consumers one step closer to the Isabela brand.

Isabela Isabela


The Process

Application of tendencies

Isabela’s focus in on married women around 30 years old, with children and living in the south of Brazil.

But that is not enough: What do these women want? What are their interests?

Researching trends and analyzing big data, we discovered that the main
interest of these women is entertainment, and within this group: Movies!

Isabela has become a classic brand among southern Brazilians.

So, we formed a campaign partnership with CINEMARK mainly because of the return of remastered classic films to movie theaters.

But how were we to combine Isabela and Cinemark in a suitable way?

We contracted with the TV channel Tastemade and sponsored the program “Food of Cinema.” We chose 3 movies (Ghostbusters, Bonnie and Clyde, and Pretty Woman) – which were showing at the time
of the campaign – to develop special recipes using Isabela products.

As luck would have it, the host of “Food of Cinema” was a “Gaúcha,” (a native of the state of Porto Alegre) and thus perfect for our target audience. We also managed to get 1,000 tickets from
Cinemark to give to our users.

Besides conventional formats, we used Republic Project from Israel, a special media for use within the Facebook Cinemark and Isabela timelines.

It acts as a sponsored post, but with a click or touch, the banner becomes a hotsite in HTML 5.

On this hotsite, we hosted Tastemade’s classic recipes, now-playing movie trailers, Cinemark’s programming, and corporate Isabela.

Moreover, the user could register to instantly win a ticket to see the movies in any Cinemark theater in the South of Brazil.


Success of visualizations and involvement

More than 32 million hits.

More than 500,000 viewings of Tastemade videos (the recipe from Ghostbusters: Chop Suey and S’mores was the most-viewed of all the other Food of Cinema channel videos).

The media of involvement achieved a CTR of 15%, whereas the market norm is 0,4%.

We set up a press kit for the press and the case was highlighted in several vehicles such as: Meio&Mensagem, AdNews, Propaganda e Mkt, etc.

We increased market share in all three southern states, with special focus on Paraná, where Isabela has the smallest share.