Kit Festa

Kit Festa is a tool for generating leads for Christmas baskets containing JBS Foods products, bringing together the Seara and Rezende brands. In addition to a corporate hotsite, Citrus7 developed a platform for generating leads and was responsible for the online dissemination of the environment.

How we did it: Kit Festa

At the end of every year, Citrus7 reactivates the Kit Festa hotsite, which presents all the special Christmas baskets filled with products from the JBS Foods brands. The environment works as a tool for generating leads (orders), speeding up the process in the corporate sales department.

We used SEO to index the pages displaying new products and we managed Adwords and Social Ads campaigns, besides having created rich media pieces and standard media for dissemination on its own channels and on AdNetworks.

We were also responsible for managing the email marketing campaign, treating the database, planning the flow of shots, and tracking and identifying the results.

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E-mail Marketing

The Process

Synergy between the team and e-client

The agency’s main fronts involved in the project (media and production) were meant to generate a lot of orders and to work in line with JBS Foods’ SAC department to prospect, handle and convert the leads.

The hotsite captured the flow of orders directly integrated with the SAC sy

The whole plan for dissemination was aligned with and built on e-mail marketing, social ads, search strategy with SEM and SEO and display media.stem.


Planning and monitoring: recipe for success

More than 2,500 orders were generated in less than 2 months.

A quick calculation: each order varied from 10 to 50 kits costing from R$150.00 to R$200.00 each. That’s an average of 30 kits at R$175.00 multiplied by the number of orders.

That was a very important and positive amount. Spectacular results can only be realized with good planning and working alongside the client.