English Abroad for Executives

We designed landing pages for EF – Education First – which focus on professionals who want to perfect their English abroad.

How we did it: English Abroad for Executives

EF – Education First – is a company that offers Language courses abroad. The aim of the activity was the generation of leads and conversions for offering English to Executives.

Citrus7 was the first agency outside the company’s London headquarters to receive permission to design the webpage for this product.

After in-depth research, we realized that, although the target audience was made up mostly of executives, there were actually two groups: professionals who wanted to improve their English; and companies’ Human Resource departments that wanted the best course choice for their executives. Based on this data, we designed two different landing pages focusing on these two different profiles.

EF Education First EF Education First

EF Education First


The Process

Research, Strategy and Results

  1. Using behavioral research, we discovered which form was researched the most by the target audience when they wanted to find a course. We found out that the term “English abroad” was present in most of the on-line searches.
  2. We purchased the domain to help us rank the searches (SEO).
  3. We designed the two landing pages: one for companies’ HR departments and the other for executives.
  4. We integrated it with the company’s CRM, which, after having filled out the forms, contacted the interested party.
  5. We divulged it using channels such as Editora Abril, Revista Época, AdWords, etc.


Success with leads and conversions

The aims of the activity were successfully achieved. With a media investment of U.S. $13,300 and a yield of $78,300 from the main leads, we made a profit of $65,000 with the two landing pages.