The Citrus7 library is a repository of relevant information about the digital universe.

  • What is UX?

    UX is short for User Experience. The area involves all aspects of customer interaction with a brand in an online environment and its goal is to make this contact a positive, unforgettable and effective one

  • What is infographic?

    Infographics are graphs that unite short texts with explanatory illustrations. They are used in materials in which the information needs to be exposed in a more dynamic way, as in maps, journalistic texts, and in technical, educational or scientific manuals. As they combine photography, drawings, and text, they are part of the design of newspapers, […]

  • What is responsive design?

    Responsive web design is a technique for the design of websites focused on providing a great viewing experience, ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, regardless of the device that the user has in his or her hands, be it a computer monitor or a smartphone. A website with a responsive layout […]

  • What is the parallax effect?

    The term derives from the Greek word “parallaxis” and means change. The parallax effect is current a trend in the world of web design. It uses the scrolling feature of a page, merging multiple backgrounds that seem to move at different speeds, thus creating a sense of depth and an interesting browsing experience.