The Citrus7 library is a repository of relevant information about the digital universe.

  • What is call to action?

    Call to action or CTA are functions in the process of navigation that stimulate the user to perform certain actions.

  • What is gamification?

    Gamification is the use of logic and game techniques in contexts not necessarily related to the theme. The goal is usually to encourage teams, promote the interaction between people and companies and envelop the public in marketing actions. They are challenges that generate engagement using ludic practices as backdrop. For example: companies offering rewards (prizes) […]

  • What is social media analysis good for?

    The analysis of social media has the goal of understanding the patterns of relationship of the users of a social network and its implications for the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Taking the content generated by the users of a network as a basis, it is possible to find which applications are more advantageous as to […]

  • What is buzz?

    Buzz is a marketing strategy that encourages consumers to pass on a certain advertising message to other consumers, increasing the reach of the brand and influencing the way of thinking of potential customers. If before the buzz this was something that happened naturally, today this activity is driven by marketing actions and can be monitored […]

  • What is social media?

    Social media means a series of activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. The platforms of social media are the social networks, among them Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The advertising of advertising campaigns in an environment of social networks is called social media. Social networks are a […]

  • What if the function of a Landing Page?

    A landing page is a page of destination or entry, by which the user comes to a site when s/he clicks on a search result, advertisement or sponsored link. The landing pages are optimized in order to sell a product or service, so its content is presented in a funnel shape, directing the visitor to […]

  • What is the function of a hotsite?

    A hotsite is a site designed to highlight a certain marketing action. Normally, it has a predetermined lifetime, as the period of a product launch or event. They are designed for a quick view and fast understanding, in addition to having strong visual appeal and focus on a specific audience.