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  • What is “in app purchase”?

    When an user is interested in an item for sale within an application, s/he can carry out the purchase by using an “in app purchase.” Imagine a game in which the user can buy more lives or resources to pass to the next stage. Selecting the purchase option, a window for payment is displayed, in […]

  • What is a native app?

    Native Apps are applications that can work offline on your smartphone and that are developed specifically for a platform. Generally, a software of this nature can take advantage of all the features of a device, among them camera, accelerometer, GPS, compass, contacts list, etc. There are also the mobile web applications, softwares that are not […]

  • What is a Mobile App?

    App is an abbreviation of the word application or software program. In smartphones, apps are softwares that can be installed on a cell phone for a variety of purposes, such as games, weather, photo treatment, social networks, etc. The apps are installed on your smartphone through the online app stores. Each mobile operating system has […]