Learn about our work philosophy and all the procedures involved in a digital project.

  • Design and UX

    Developing good interfaces is essential. The best experience for the user must always be attained – and this starts with an excellent design study and plan.

    The steady advance of technology has made the experience in the usability of any digital platform better and better, with more and more user requirements. It is essential to stay ahead of the game, to innovate and to enable navigation with excellent results.

    Therefore, Citrus7 has a team that is highly qualified in design, and who relies on studies and effective methods to provide the best possible content and user experience.

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  • Research and Planning

    Developing strategies for online projects can be a real challenge for your company. Identifying needs and outcomes is the premise for establishing a trajectory that has digital relevance.

    The digital agency Citrus7 finds opportunities by using advanced analysis tools that provide important data for developing profitable marketing strategies. Our action plan aims to work with pre-defined objectives and fractioned development to achieve positive results at each stage of the project.

    We develop strategic plans for brands, products and startups; content strategies; strategies in information architecture and digital development; strategies for social networks; search strategies SEO and SEM, and strategies focusing on the mobile market.

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  • Creation and Content

    Your company’s digital environment or product can become obsolete very quickly if it doesn’t keep up with the fast pace of trends.

    An online presence is the gateway to new clients and opportunities. Relevant and optimized content for SEO is synonymous with continuous growth. After all, it’s impossible to get a second chance to make a good first impression.

    With its award-winning, highly skilled team members who have worked for major agencies, Citrus7 aims to deliver projects that are always compatible with the highest demands. The process of creating and developing content involves reviews and quality control before delivering the materials for client approval.

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  • Development and Technology

    For projects and strategies to generate excellent results in the digital environment, it is essential to have a well-conceived and well-built structure. After all, this stage represents the core concept that will ensure the workability of the entire online operation.

    To deal with this critical part of digital planning, Citrus7 abides by the principle that all development must be done in-house to ensure that the quality, deadlines, and mainly, the results all meet the needs and goals of its clients.

    We strive to break with the paradigm that a good digital design entails hiring expensive software, platforms and infrastructure. Currently, open source technology combined with service APIs – such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, among many others – enable rapid, secure development packed with features, without the need to “reinvent the wheel.”

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  • Publicity and Media

    Online planning, shopping, broadcasting and media management require professionals with extensive market experience. Results are achieved with eagle-eye diligence, without ever compromising the advertiser’s investment.

    Most of Citrus7’s clients see the digital environment as something that is highly complicated, with lots of players. It is a world that combines various types of media (websites, blogs and portals), advertising formats, business models, result measurement platforms, advanced metrics, etc.

    Our job is to point out the best solutions, methodologies and processes, based on know-how acquired from our history of major advertising, experience and updated market information.

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  • Analyses, Metrics and B.I.

    The digital world is both active and passive. The internet is a network of people and not machines, where communication and the exchange of information circulate very quickly. Those who understand behaviors and who analyze the data in their digital environment have the privilege of staying ahead of their competitors.

    Any landing page, hotsite, website, portal, mobile app and e-commerce structure is a source for funding and requires a good measurement tool adjusted to the client’s profile and business model.

    The active aspect of the digital world is present in the means of dissemination, platforms, campaigns and social networks. The entire digital environment must be integrated and measurable. Only with access to and analysis of relevant data is it possible to make informed decisions and correct or create new ways to generate business.

    Citrus7 believes in this form of work.

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