Project Power Cars

In 2004 Volkswagen and Citrus7’s future founders came up with this new idea for the Auto Show.

How we did it: Project Power Cars

A different space in the automaker’s booth was developed using gamification strategies and role playing to create a fun activity geared to children attending the event. Kid’s World was a huge public success and won praise from the international president of the German multinational, showcasing the Volkswagen Foundation.

Already established as an agency, Citrus7 arrived in 2006 to bring continuity to this highly successful operation by repeating the activity, improving the game and giving a new face to the booth. Instead of burning sands and adventures worthy of a thousand and one nights (main theme for the launch of the Touareg in 2004), the Power Cars, in the year 3001, had the mission of saving the solar system and all the people inhabiting its 10 planets from an alien invasion.

An RPG Kit was developed that contained the rule book, data, accessories and the complete card game: a fantastic game of strategy to sharpen children’s minds.

But the big difference was the construction of a website fully dedicated to Power Cars, which provided all game (2004 and 2006) materials for free, information about the planets, about the Power Drivers and Power Cars, an electronic data-roller, animations with the story, a players registry, and original adventures that were published every two months (or at each of the manufacture’s car shows).

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