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  • What is buzz?

    Buzz is a marketing strategy that encourages consumers to pass on a certain advertising message to other consumers, increasing the reach of the brand and influencing the way of thinking of potential customers. If before the buzz this was something that happened naturally, today this activity is driven by marketing actions and can be monitored […]

  • What is social media?

    Social media means a series of activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. The platforms of social media are the social networks, among them Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The advertising of advertising campaigns in an environment of social networks is called social media. Social networks are a […]

  • What if the function of a Landing Page?

    A landing page is a page of destination or entry, by which the user comes to a site when s/he clicks on a search result, advertisement or sponsored link. The landing pages are optimized in order to sell a product or service, so its content is presented in a funnel shape, directing the visitor to […]

  • What is the function of a hotsite?

    A hotsite is a site designed to highlight a certain marketing action. Normally, it has a predetermined lifetime, as the period of a product launch or event. They are designed for a quick view and fast understanding, in addition to having strong visual appeal and focus on a specific audience.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With the emergence of a new generation of search websites, so did the SEO techniques emerge, which are the optimization of pages for a better understanding of search tools. Sites built on SEO platforms have greater relevance in organic search results, thus increasing its visibility and the likelihood of […]

  • What is SEM?

    SEM means Search Engine Marketing, and is a set of actions of search marketing, i.e. that uses key words as the basis for web search tools. The concept of SEM involves various methods of search marketing, among them: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the campaigns of sponsored links.

  • What is “in app purchase”?

    When an user is interested in an item for sale within an application, s/he can carry out the purchase by using an “in app purchase.” Imagine a game in which the user can buy more lives or resources to pass to the next stage. Selecting the purchase option, a window for payment is displayed, in […]

  • What is a native app?

    Native Apps are applications that can work offline on your smartphone and that are developed specifically for a platform. Generally, a software of this nature can take advantage of all the features of a device, among them camera, accelerometer, GPS, compass, contacts list, etc. There are also the mobile web applications, softwares that are not […]

  • What is a Mobile App?

    App is an abbreviation of the word application or software program. In smartphones, apps are softwares that can be installed on a cell phone for a variety of purposes, such as games, weather, photo treatment, social networks, etc. The apps are installed on your smartphone through the online app stores. Each mobile operating system has […]

  • What is Adsense?

    AdSense is a Google advertising service, in which sites may display advertisements in text, image and video. The display of advertising pieces is administered by Google and it generates profit based on the amount of views or clicks.