The Citrus7 library is a repository of relevant information about the digital universe.

  • What is open source technology?

    Open source means open code. The term is used to designate free software, those without any license charges for use by any author.

  • What is QR Code?

    QR Code is a 2D barcode. When scanned via the camera of mobile devices, it is decoded and becomes a passage of text or link that redirects the user to a website. The QR Code is a way to add data to limited spaces. For example: a label of food can provide nutrition information or […]

  • What are IOS and Android?

    IOs and Android are operating systems for smarthphones and tablets belonging to two competing companies: Apple and Google. IOS is used in the iPhone and the iPad, while Android is present on Motorola, LG, and Samsung devices, among others. Devices manufactured by Nokia do not use IOS or Android; its operating system is Windows Phone.

  • What is call to action?

    Call to action or CTA are functions in the process of navigation that stimulate the user to perform certain actions.

  • What is Flash and what are the pros and cons of using this technology?

    Flash technology was created by Adobe and, for a long time, it was used for the creation of sites with animations. Today, however, it is the target of controversy and differences between developers and customers. We list below the positive and negative points regarding the use of Flash. Pros: It enables the creation of animations, […]

  • What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a programming language designed to meet the needs of form validation and web page interaction. With Javascript, it is possible to create special effects in sites and determine their interactivity with the user. The customer’s browser is responsible for interpreting these instructions and executing them so that these effects do in fact happen.

  • What is XML?

    XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language, and it is a markup language validated by W3C to create documents with data organized in a hierarchical manner, among them: texts, vectors or database. The purpose of XML is the simplification of information sharing via the Internet.

  • What is P2P?

    P2P, or peer-to-peer, designates a format of computer network, whose main characteristic is the decentralization of functions. This means that a computer connected with P2P can play the role of server and client simultaneously. P2P is responsible for mass sharing of music and movies, as the main function of this technology is to enable the […]

  • What is a cookie and what does it do?

    Cookies are a chain of texts that websites send to Internet browsers in order to identify users and store their preferences. When you enter a web site for the first time, a web server sends a cookie to you and your browser storages this information. The next time the same page is accessed, the browser […]

  • What is UX?

    UX is short for User Experience. The area involves all aspects of customer interaction with a brand in an online environment and its goal is to make this contact a positive, unforgettable and effective one