The Citrus7 library is a repository of relevant information about the digital universe.

  • What is Adsense?

    AdSense is a Google advertising service, in which sites may display advertisements in text, image and video. The display of advertising pieces is administered by Google and it generates profit based on the amount of views or clicks.

  • What is AdWords?

    AdWords is a Google advertising service. Paid CPC and CPM, AdWords is a system of advertisements in the form of links found in the result of searches in Google that are related to the keywords that the user is searching.

  • What is DSP?

    Demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that gives support to agencies, advertisers or trading desks in the purchase of media in real time (RTB). The DSPs gather inventories of various AdExchanges inventories and also those of inventory owners, according to agreements with publishers. Thus, they are able to lower the cost of CPM and increase […]

  • What is roadblock?

    Roadblock is a strategy of media planning. In digital media, it happens when a brand purchases all the impressions of an announcement available on a web site for a given period. This way, no other advertiser would be displayed on the page, thus ensuring exclusivity.

  • What are content marketing e publieditorial (paid editors, bloggers, etc.)?

    The concept of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by offering content that is both attractive and relevant. When the company proposes itself to talk about what it knows, and not about what it sells, an interested and segmented audience forms around the channels of communication. Subsequently, this audience can be converted into […]

  • What is IAB and why is it important?

    IAB is the acronym for Interactive Advertising Bureau. It is a non-profit agency founded in Brazil in 1998 that aims to develop the market of interactive media, encouraging the creation of norms and standards for the planning, purchase, sale, media placement and measurement of commercial messages. It is also IAB Brazil that regulates researches and […]

  • What does a Media Bureau do?

    A Media Bureau is an intermediary in the purchasing process of media. The company buys advertising spaces in great quantity, but paying a lower price for them. Then it resells them directly to agencies and advertisers for a higher price than it originally paid, practicing what the market calls overprice.

  • What is BV?

    The bonus per volume or BV is the payment of a bonus to advertising agencies, proportional to the investment made by its customers to purchase media. I.e., the advertising agency gets a 20% commission based on the amount paid by the client that is intended to advertising. This bonus that the agency has the right […]

  • What is forecasting?

    Forecasting is a term much used in planning of revenue and of expenditure of a company and means sales forecasting. It is when and in how much time the company should produce/sell to meet orders/business expectations. In media, forecasting is a tool that helps to make provisions for sale of advertising inventory and prioritize commercial […]

  • What is remaining inventory?

    In advertising, inventory is the number of ads or the quantity of advertising space that a vehicle of communication has available for sale to an advertiser. The inventory is usually measured in number of impressions per month. Remaining Inventory is the inventory not sold. There are tools for managing and selling these impressions, with the […]