The Citrus7 library is a repository of relevant information about the digital universe.

  • What is data mining?

    Data mining is a process that consists in exploring large volumes of data in search of patterns, rules of association and sequences, in order to create subsets of data. The purpose of this feature is to turn data into useful information for companies. For example: which customers bought which products, how many of these products […]

  • What is a conversion funnel?

    A conversion funnel is a sequence of pages by which a visitor will have to go through before reaching a goal of conversion. The name funnel is used due to the graph of visitors that access each of the pages. On the first page, we have the largest number of accesses; on the next page, […]

  • What is exhibition time?

    It is a metric of performance for digital campaigns and it determines the time that the Internet user is exposed to an advertisement. The longer the time of exposure, the greatest the possibility of engagement and conversion is.

  • What is bounce rate?

    Bounce rate is the rate of rejection of your site, i.e., the index of users who visited the page and went away without performing any interaction or without clicking a link. The bounce rate is measured by time, by engagement, by scroll or per page and is quite important to understand the spontaneous traffic and […]

  • What is engagement?

    Engagement is the involvement of the public with a digital campaign. It can be measured by the volume of users’ interactions with a post on Facebook, or retweets in a campaign on Twitter, or the repercussion of the subject in social networks.

  • What is ROI?

    ROI means Return on Investment. It is a term much used in online advertising to describe the relation between the cost of advertising campaigns and the profit generated by conversions, such as sales or leads. The ROI indicates the value gained by your company in relation to the cost of a campaign. There is no […]

  • What is post click?

    Post click is the metric adopted to register the user interaction with an advertisement. A post click is computed when the user clicks on a media displayed, be it a banner, a link or a product.

  • What is post impression?

    It is a metric of online campaigns in which the cookies and assignments of transaction from users who do not necessarily clicked in an ad are recorded, but who nevertheless viewed determined advertisement. It doesn’t compute the interaction with the ad, but the visualization of it.

  • What is frequency?

    Frequency is the intensity or number of insertions of an advertisement in a given period. It also represents the number of times that each individual is exposed to an advertising message in a certain period of time.

  • What is coverage?

    Coverage is used to determine the geographical areas in which a campaign must be conveyed. The Internet allows the advertiser to convey media in portals everywhere in Brazil and in the world, regardless of the region in which it really is. However, the coverage must be analyzed with care to ensure that the advertising efforts […]