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  • What is “in app purchase”?

    When an user is interested in an item for sale within an application, s/he can carry out the purchase by using an “in app purchase.” Imagine a game in which the user can buy more lives or resources to pass to the next stage. Selecting the purchase option, a window for payment is displayed, in […]

  • What is pay wall?

    Pay wall is a subscription system used by newspapers and other vehicles of digital communication that allows an Internet user to access restricted content.

  • What is long tail?

    Long tail describes the strategy of retail of selling a wide variety of items in small quantities.

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a collective funding with the goal of raising resources for initiatives or projects of general interest. The idea is that several people contribute collaboratively with small amounts, in order to make a business come true.

  • What is e-commerce?

    E-commerce is a form of buying and selling products or services online. This method allows financial transactions through electronic devices and platforms, such as computers and mobile phones. You search, compare prices, choose, pay and, within a given period of time, receive the product at home.